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I saw a news report of a boy, Peter Zwart, who walks around his neighborhood every day selling brownies his mother makes and vegetables from his garden. He’s raising money for his friend, Emily, who has been sick in the hospital with a rare disease. He is only 5 years old.

Why does he do it?

“Because I love her. She’s nice and she used to sit by me.”

His kindness GMH.

This is so sweet!



I have not watched Lost. I plan on doing it, though! But I’ve heard so many talk about it without using a SPOILER WARNING beforehand that I know too much about it to really be taken by surprise anymore: -Michelle Rodriguez dies -The island disappears -There are polar bears (but they’re not really polar bears) -Time Travel -The pirates are really Dharma agents -The existanece of Dharma …and I know there are a few other things I forgot (thankfully). Should I still watch it?

And now, I don’t know if I should watch it. Thanks…

Entendu à Montréal sur la ligne orange du métro…

Dame #1: Ça doit être plate comme travail de dire le nom de la station à chaque fois que le métro arrive…
Dame #2: Ça doit être moins plate que celui qui joue du synthétiseur quand le métro part.

Oh my god… c’est exaspérant…

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